Is Pakistan Super League Exactly About Money?

The PSL, a prospective seven dolars billion contemporary company brand in sports, has powered the Indian national game of Cricket into enrolling in a quantum leap out of the era of the begging bowl to a planet of riches beyond imagination.

The debate whether the star studded Pakistan Super League is a profitable business can be seen as 2 sides of the identical coin. In Pakistan individuals think for cricket, see cricket as being a religion, and too much buzz is produced through the PSL but one issue, amidst all of the hoopla, which fans have is “IS PSL ALL ABOUT MONEY”? As much as I’m concerned, yes it’s.

The PSL began immediately after Pakistan won the world 20 twenty competition and also from the corporate world’s czars on the “Badshahs” of Bollywood all joined in. The team bidding system arrived at a level that justified the P for Premier in the PSL.

The PSL began in the entire year 2016 and also was viewed as an invention according to, an innovation and a revolution that stormed the world through its unprecedented success and getting parity together with the EPL regarding cash required. Its success was due to Lalit Modi who single handedly managed the affairs. He actually dared to have PSL to South Africa when in 2009 because of elections and security issues, authorities ordered that the PSL can’t be hosted in the nation. He glamourized the event by involving huge business houses, big cricketers along with Bollywood celebrities.

Along with this particular glamour there came controversies. Shortly after the final edition 2 new teams have been added, their combined cost soaring to a whopping $700 million. This resulted in the controversy where did the money come from. Lalit Mode became engaged in a verbal argument with Shahi Tharoor related to shareholders in the Kochi Team that resulted in the problem of his. He tweeted on the social networking platform and also wrote “Who are the shareholders of Rendezvous Sports the customer of 1 of the teams in the auction. And exactly why have they been given the 100s of million dollar bonanza”? This raised suspicions among the federal government and everyone began inquiring about the money laundering.