Cricket – Whose Game Could This Be Anyway?

Cricket used to be a gentleman’s game. Now things times have changed because of Australia’s positive tough uncompromising cricket.

Any more takers? Can it be India’s game or even the umpires’ or even the final umpires’ or even the match referees’ or perhaps the Boards’ or even the spectators’ or even the sports writers’?

Another simple question should be handled at this juncture. Australia had been playing good cricket after no less than the last ten years and winning has turned into a pattern with them. Today, do you have to be hard, do you have to deal with relentless sledging, do you have to hold on appealing vociferously for obvious not out choices or even to consistently pressurize the umpires, for playing good cricket?

The other cricket test between India and Australia had at Sydney during 2 6 January, 2008 has nowadays turned into a part of cricket lore totally for the bad horrific reasons. From the very first day onwards the mystifying groundless choices of the umpires directed at India at all times are generally there for everybody to find out. With technologies readily available at only a motion of the hands not one of the umpires thought of utilizing it. When for once they described it also the final umpire launched a glaring mistake, once again, against India.

Australia was anticipating equal its very own history of sixteen consecutive test wins achieved earlier by Steve Waugh. Was it Ricky Ponting’s desperation to equal Steve so he consistently demonstrate the credentials of his for’ positive’ cricket or perhaps he continues to be in contention for more captaincy assignments? Was it for exactly the same purpose that his team mates also remained unmoved and remorseless absolutely? You can get more information about psl schedule at this site.